▶️ YouTube Summary

To summarize a YouTube video, head over to your TubeOnAI account on the web or mobile app.

On the web app, click on Search to search for your desired YouTube video or paste the direct link.

From the search results, choose the video you want to summarize and click “Summarize Now”.

After waiting a few moments, your summary is ready to read or listen.

If you are on a mobile device, the steps are quite similar.

Launch the TubeOnAI app and click “Summaries”. From this summary page, you will see all the summaries generated for you so far (You can search for a specific summary from those existing summaries if you want).

To summarize a new video, click “Search YouTube”. Type the name of the video you want to summarize. You get a search result page from where you need to pick a video to start the summarization process.

After selecting a video, you get a prompt asking “Summarize Now”. Tap the button and see the magic of summarization happen. This should take only 30 seconds.

Once the summarization is complete, you get an overview and key insights from a lengthy video without going through the whole thing.

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